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George Sawyer

Impressionistic paintings in gold. One-of-a-kind rings with continuous, seamless patterns.

George Sawyer creates jewelry with unique patterned metals that are an art in their own right. From the elegant to the cool, with an internationally recognized signature style, George Sawyer’s distinctive jewelry is artisan made in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Art Meets Technology

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Art Stories

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George Sawyer
For me, jewelry is an art form that brings together sculptural and graphic design, originality, technical virtuosity, and a personal communication with the wearer. See more…

Our Studio

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What we do

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How Things Go Together Beautifully

George Sawyer will be retiring soon to work on personal projects. If you have rings to resize or would like to purchase anything from our remaining Amazing Inventory, please contact us now. We will close May 31st or when our inventory runs out.

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