Koi & Wabi Sabi Collection

Koi® & Wabi Sabi

The Koi® and Wabi Sabi patterns are a cousin to my original gold mokume gane. The collections incorporate metals used in the gold mokume but in a new way.


The random pattern work allows the mind to discover familiar images.

swan ring


Swan with baby

cockatiel ring



dachshund ring



whale ring


or a Whale

ring with koi pattern

Available in 10, 8, 7, 6 and 5mm widths.

Koi® pattern surfaces are smooth with natural colored metals.

Wabi Sabi pattern on ring

Available in 10, 8, 7, 6 and 5mm widths.

Wabi Sabi pattern surfaces are deeply etched and patinated to create a feeling of age and character.

Koi® and Wabi Sabi rings are available in 4 Seasons


spring Koi

Spring Koi®

spring Wabi Sabi

Spring Wabi Sabi

summer Koi

Summer Koi®

summer wabi sabi

Summer Wabi Sabi

autumn koi collection

Autumn Koi®

autumn wabi sabi

Autumn Wabi Sabi

winter Koi collection

Winter Koi®

winter wabi sabi collection

Winter Wabi Sabi

koi with gems

Add gems or stepping stones

Wabi Sabi ring set

yellow diamond rings

ring trio

Use them as a companion in a wedding set


Spring Wabi Sabi Ring set

emerald wabi sabi ring

winter ring set



Koi® and Wabi Sabi come in 4 Color Season Patterns and many widths.



The Koi Collection

Leaves on the water
a small pointillist painting
like reading a cloud

old door

The Wabi Sabi Collection


Rustic and humble
an ancient door is covered
in abstract beauty

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