connections ring set

Connections Rings

 Our studio is now closed. Enjoy the photos of our past creations.

Connections Rings contrast the soft curving quality of George’s signature edge grain mokume with the bold, architectural geometry of the connection. The emptiness of the cut with the solidity of the connector. There are 8 color combinations available in the mokume color palette, rings come in 10mm and 8mm widths.

enlarged collections ring

I wanted to emphasize the connection itself with a beautifully massive connector

matching connection rings


Mirror Image rings create a one-of-a-kind match in rings. Each ring’s patterns are a perfectly symmetrical match all around their circumference. A wonderful, romantic parallel to the relationship we celebrate when we find our True Love.

10mm widths
8mm collections ring set
8mm widths

To enhance the dimensionality (and to entertain the eye), I made the dimensions of the cuts in the mokume band and the dimensions of the solid color connectors the same, so there would be a play between positive and negative spaces.

plus connections ring

Is it a “minus” or a “plus”?

x connections ring

Is it a “diagonal” or an “X”?

connections bridal ring set

connections bridal ring set

connections bridal ring set


The Mokume Connections Rings were designed to be worn either as a bold everyday ring with a strong graphic statement or as a wedding ring with an exuberant metaphor for a great relationship.

connections ring and cufflinks

create your own connections rings story


Connections rings come in 8 color combinations in 8mm and 10mm widths.

Visit our Gallery to see available colors and widths

After 49 wonderful years, the George Sawyer Designs studio has closed for business.  George will now concentrate on creating one-of-a-kind pieces.
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